1989-1990 Season

Lucy's Play

By John Clifford
Directed by Amanda Sue Rudisill


By Hamilton Deane, based on the book by Bram Stoker
Directed by Robert Yowell


By Moilére

  • Production Team
  • Directed by Ronald E. Barnes
  • Scenery and Costumes Designed by Margaret Perry
  • Lighting Designed by Lee Jones


  • MME Pernelle, Orgon's mother: Lindsa MacDonald
  • Flipote, Her Maid: Ijeana Avila
  • Elimre, Orgon's Wife: Gina Brittain
  • Dorine, Mariane's ladies maid: Benita Anobes
  • Damis, Orgon's Son Elimre's stepson: William Shomph
  • Mariane, Orgon's daughter, Elmire's stepdaughter in love with Valere: Satcy Radford
  • Cleant, Orgon's Brother in law Troy TerBest
  • Orgon, Elimire's Husband: Jim Skousen
  • Valere, in love with Mariane: Luke Hunt
  • Tartuffe, a Hypocrite: Matt Webster
  • M.Loyal, a Baliff: Graydon Toms
  • MME Louise de La Valliere Dutchess de Vaujours: Lisa Pertzborn

Running Crew

  • Stage Manager: Paige Satter
  • Light Board Operator: Jack Warshaw
  • Sound Operator: Leslie Colern
  • Assistant Lighting Director: Greg Renne
  • Stage Crew: Timothy Luff, Marya Slater, Orin Smith
  • Wardrobe Crew: Stacey Baker, Leslie Grimes, Mark William, Tanya Wong
  • Wig Mistress: Val Limar


By Val Limar and William Slout
Directed by William L. Slout