1982-1983 Season

Joan of Lorraine

By Maxwell Anderson

Production Team

  • Director: William L. Slout
  • Costume & Lighting Design : Kathleen Lewicki
  • Scenic Design: O.P. Hadlock
  • Stage Manager: Tammy Monohan

The Cast

  • Masters (Inquistors): Ronald Murray
  • Al : Paul Wilkerson
  • Tessie: Veronica Murphy Smith
  • Electrician: Mark C. Peters
  • Marie: Amber Talvi
  • Grder( Poulengy)(Massieu): Marc Dietrich
  • Abbey(Jacques D' Arc)(La Hire): Michael O'Donovan
  • Elling (Laxart)(Cauchon): William Greeley
  • Mary Grey (Joan): Nancy Learmonth
  • Dollner(Pierre): Jeff Canavan
  • Cordwell(Jean): Dominic Smith
  • Quirck(St.Michael)(Tremoille): Michael Galyon
  • Miss Reeves (St. Catherine): Mary Manthis
  • Miss Sandler(St. Margaret): Shanon Rubin
  • Farewell(de Metz)(Executioner): Bruce Fosdick
  • Sheppard(Chartier)(Courcelles): Scott Edwards
  • Ward(Dauphin): Dell Yount
  • Miss Smith(Aurore): Marisa Wine
  • Kipner(Rheims): Randy William Charnin
  • Long(Dunois): Timothy Reilly
  • Champlain(D'Estivet): Larry Huffman

Running Crews

  • Set & Props: Kevin Bruce, Valerie Russell
  • Costumes: Susan Genovese, Wendy Jackson, Marcie Johnson
  • Lights: Mark C. Peters


by Peter Shaffer

Production Team

  • Director: Amanda Sue Rudisill
  • Scenery/Costume/Makeup Design: Kathleen Lewicki
  • Lighting and Special Effects Design: O.P. Hadlock
  • Stage Manager: Valery Lyn Russell


  • Martin Dysart: Harry Cauley
  • Alan Strang: Dell Yount
  • Nurse: Amber Talvi
  • Hesther Saloman: Wendy S. Jackson
  • Frank Strang: William Greeley
  • Dora Strang: Veronica Murphy Smith
  • Horseman/Nugget: Randy William Charnin
  • Harry Dalton: Mark Duncan
  • Jill Mason: Marisa Wine
  • Horses: Geoffrey G. Berry, Marc Dietrich, John Koroulakis, Jeff Perkins, Mark C. Peters

Running Crew

  • Set/Props: Rob Beecham, Tim Black, Terry Doyle, Geary Henry, Robert Hession, Jodi Julian, Tawny Lambert, Sandra Matthews, Theresa Matthews, Gary Modes, Ron Murray, Sigrid Osorio, Roger Ott, Jim Wangard, James Williams
  • Costumes: Alison Alaniz, Lois Albright, Ilona Boulton, Randy Charnin, Helen Farnum, Emoke Gaspar, Barbara Lambert, Lucille Mitchell, Linda Morgan, Carole Parcell, Kevin Reynolds, Shanon Rubin
  • Lights: Rob Beecham, Scott Edwards, Jodi Julian, Linda Morgan, Carole Parcell, Jim Wangard, James Williams
  • Projectionist: Shelly Parker
  • Sound: Michael Holmes
  • Graphics: O. P. Hadlock
  • Cast Deputy: Veronica Murphy Smith

Amphitryon 38

By S. N. Behrman by Titus Marcus Plautus

Production Team

  • Director: Ronald E. Barnes
  • Scenic & Lighting Design: Kathleen Lewicki
  • Costume & Makeup Design: O.P. Hadlock
  • Stage Manager: Shanon Rubin
  • Assistant Costume Design: Michael Galyon


  • Jupiter: William Greely
  • Mercury: Randy William Charnin
  • Sosie: John Kroroulakis
  • Trumpeter: Mark Duncan
  • Warrior: Gary Roberson
  • Amphitryon: Timothy Reilly
  • Alkmena: Nancy Learmonth
  • Nenetza: Tammy Monohan
  • Kleantha: Jodi L. Julian
  • Echo: Sybille Anne Matzat
  • Leda: Mary Manthis

Running Crews

  • Sets and Props: Marc Dietrich, Tina Lardieri
  • Costumes: Ruth Burke, Vaughn Dennis, Dell Yount
  • Lights: Jena Plourde
  • Sound: Paul Doyle

A Night In New York

Two one-Act Plays By Israel Horowitz

Production Team

  • Director: Randy William /Charmin
  • Scenic Design: Randy William Charnin
  • Properties Design: Paul Wilkerson
  • Costumes & Make up Design: Veronica Murphy Smith
  • Lighting Design: Geoff Berry
  • Stage Manager: Laurie Ann Branson


  • Jebbie: Geoff Berry
  • Bobby: Ed Furnley
  • Baby: Bernie

"The Indian Wants the Bronx"

  • Murphy: Marc Dietrich
  • Joey: Timothy REilly
  • Indian: Eliot George

Running Crew

  • Set & Props: Geoff Berry Gasaway, Paul Wilkerson, Bernie.
  • Costumes: Veronica Murphy Smith
  • Lights: Paul Wilkerson