1981-1982 Season

The Knight of the Burning Pestle

By Francis Beaumont

Production Team

  • Director: Ronald E. Barnes
  • Musical Director/Composer: Constantinos DeMarco
  • Choreographer: Lenna DeMarco
  • Scenic & Costume Designer: Kathleen Lewicki
  • Lighting Designer: O.P. Hadlock
  • Stage Manager: M. T. Manthis


  • Prologue: Veronica Murphy Smith
  • Citizen: Michael Galyon
  • Citizens Wife: Carol A. Harmer
  • Ralph: John Howard Higley
  • Venturewell: Jeffrey R. Thistle
  • Jasper: Timothy Reilly
  • Master Humphrey: Adrian Tafolla
  • Luce: Dawna L. McGregor
  • Michael: Skip Smith
  • Mistress Merrythought: Shanon Rubin
  • Old Master Merrythought: William Greeley
  • Tim/Pompiona/A Soldier: Dawn Anise Peacock
  • George/a Bearer/A Soldier: Wendy Murphy
  • Tapster/Venturewell's Man: Prakesh
  • Hostess/a Woman Prisoner: Daisy Mercado
  • Barber: Don Gruber
  • Venturewell's Man: Terry Swindell

Running Crew

  • Sets/Props: John Bacon, Geoff Barry, Ana Chavez, Carrie Childress, Dominic DeBellis, Marc Dietrich, Tom Hildebrand, Jana Kuhn, Kimberly Maggio, Mark Matteson, Daisy Mercado, Thor Patton, Robyn Perry, Gina Sherman, Jeffrey Thistle, Karen Varney, Paul Wilkerson, Dell Yount
  • Costumes: Sylvia Alva, Christina Ballamy, Christine Brown, Alex Capuchino, Beth Diener, Michael Galyon, Merelynn Johnson, Kimberly Maggio, Debbie Marting, Sonia Miller, Olga Nunez, Jeff Perkins, Gary Roberson, Tonja Robertson, Carol Robinson, Laurie Skeen, Lori Thomas, Rebecca Weldon, Rhonda Wellington, Deborah Wright-Burjess
  • Lights: Sonya Capuchino, Ana Chavez, Carrie Childress, Marc Dietrich, Tom Hildebrand, Jana Kuhn, Mark Matteson, Robyn Perry, Gina
  • Sherman, Rhonda Wellington, Paul Wilkerson, Dell Yount
  • Sound: Frances Blake
  • Graphics: O. P. Hadlock
  • Cast Deputy: Dawna L. Gregory

Next Time for Real

by Harry Cauley

All My Sons

By Arthur Miller

Production Team

  • Director: William L. Slout
  • Scenic & Lighting Design: Kathleen Lewicki
  • Costume & Makeup: O.P. Hadlock
  • Stage Management: Geoff Berry


  • Joe Keller: William Greeley
  • Kate Keller: Amand Sue Rudisill
  • Chris Keller: Timothy Reilly
  • Ann Deever: Carol Harmer
  • George Deever: Dell Yount
  • Dr. Jim Bayliss: Randy Charnin
  • Sue Bayliss: Mary Manthis
  • Frank Lubey: John Howard Higley
  • Lydia Lubey: Tammy Monohan
  • Bert: Skip Smith

Running Crew

  • Set/Props: Kathy Blakeny, Jim Bice, Humphrey Chang, Ann Curtis, Jim Daly, Lee Fulcher, Michael Galyon, Jeanine Gonzales, Linda Hernandez, Tanya Herrera, Keller Iupperlatz, Judy Russell
  • Costumes: Faton Bahhur, Cindy Cain, Marcie Ebarb, Jeanne Forsythe, Cathy Halfhill, John Koroulakis, Wendy Jo Murphy, Pam Schwartz, Annette Theodorore
  • Lighting: Humphrey Chang, Ann Curtis, Jeanne Forsythe, Lee Fulcher, Mike Hall
  • Box Office: Cindy Cain
  • Graphics: Kathleen Lewicki
  • Cast Deputy: Randy Charnin

Ludlow Fair

by Peter O'Hey

Sorry, Wrong Number

by Lucille Fletcher

The Boy Friend

by Sandy Wilson

Production Team

  • Director: Amanda Sue Rudisill
  • Musical Director: Keating Johnson
  • Choreographer: Lenna DeMarco
  • Costume & Lighting Designer: Kathleen Lewicki
  • Sound Reinforcement: Philip D. West
  • Stage Manager : Mary Manthis
  • Assistant Musical Director: Corrine Soto


  • Maisie: Valery Lyn Russell
  • Dulcie: Daisy Mercado
  • Fay: Wendy Jo Murphy
  • Nancy: Kimberly A. Maggio
  • Polly Browne: Marisa Wine
  • Madame Dubonnet: Shanon Rubin
  • Hortense: Veronica Murphy Smith
  • Bobby Van Husen: Randy W. Charnin
  • Percival Browne: John Howard Higley
  • Tony: Dell Yount
  • Lord Brockhurst: William Greeley
  • Lady Brockhurst: Corrine Yvonne Soto
  • Marcel: Don Gruber
  • Pierre: Gregory Bourgeois
  • Alphonose: Bruce A. Fosdick
  • Garcon: James R. Achilles
  • Gendarme: Dominic DeBellis

Running Crew

  • Set/Props: Susan Briggs, Kevin R. Bruce, John R. Hoge, Bill Lindsey, Chris Miller, Tammy Monohan
  • Costumes: Mary Droessler, Mark Duncan, Pam Farmer, Helen Farnum, Carol Harmer, Octavia Jacobs, Michael Lopez
  • Lights: Francis Blake, Mike Galyon, Don Gruber, John Hoge, Octavia Jacobs, Jana Kuhn, Karl Kunsek, Bill Lindsey, Mary Manthis, Tammy Monohan, Mark Peters
  • Follow Spots: Geoff Berry, Karl Kunsek
  • Sound Engineer: Catherine LeBaigue
  • Graphics: O. P. Hadlock
  • Rehearsal Pianist: Janet Otteson
  • Dance Captain: Veronica Murphy Smith
  • Cast Deputy: Don Gruber