1972-1973 Season

The Birthday Party

By Harold Pinter

Production Team

  • Director: Amanda Sue Rudisill
  • Music Creator: Philip D. West
  • Scenic and Costume Designer: Sandra Kay Stiglinski
  • Lighting Designer: Ronald E. Barnes
  • Stage Manager: Susan Christine Wall
  • Assistants to the Designer: Mark Trenam, Vickie Conyers
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Philip Mirci


  • Petey: Curtis Barker
  • Meg: Randi Stewart
  • Stanley: Philip D. West
  • Lulu: Dee Dee Connolly
  • Goldberg: Don Blair
  • McCann: D. Michael Redfern

Running Crew

  • Scenery: Mark Trenam, Curtis Barker, John Barker, Mike Cameron, Dee Dee Connolly, Sandi Gustin, Rosella King, Steve Miller, Robert Silber
  • Props: Barbara Nichols
  • Costumes: Vicki Conyers, Lori Capparelli, Diana Knapp, Sam Houston
  • Lights: Sandi Gustin, Marcia Clarke, Nancy Saunders
  • Sound: Robert Causey, Curtis Barker
  • Publicity: Sandra Stiglinski, Mark Trenam, Minihundred Jerome Rhodley, Lori Capparelli
  • House Manager: Lori Capparelli


By Henrik Ibsen
Directed by William L. Slout

Cop-Out and Home Fires

By John Guare
Directed by Ronald E. Barnes

Production Team

  • Director: Ronald E. Barnes
  • Scenic Director: Sandra Key Stiglinski
  • Costume/Makeup: Deirdre C. McGuir
  • Lighting Design: Philip D. West
  • Sound Design: Philip D. West
  • Stage Manager: Pat Casey


  • The Cop: Don Blair
  • The Girl: Jill Bohan

Running Crew

  • Scenery: Don Blair, Tam Blumenfeld, Lori Capparelli, Ron Carroll, Phil Mirci, Dan Redfern, Randi Redfern, Steve Shipps
  • Costumes: Vickie Conyers, Sandi Gustin, Barbara Nichols, Joanna Powell, Mona Riss
  • Lights: Kim Baker, Lori Capparelli


  • Vocalist: Mary Barnes
  • Guitar: Pat Ainsworth, Don Sill
  • Bass: Philip West
  • Piano: Ed Will